Sunday, March 24, 2013

Zaborski Emporium | Kingston, NY

This is my Heaven on Earth!!! If you happen to know me, then you know that I like antiquing, collecting, and shopping in general. An acquaintance of ours told us about Zaborski Emporium (AKA "Stan The Junk Man") about a year ago and we finally made our way there one afternoon we spent in Kingston, NY (Great town and I will have more posts about Kingston soon).

Front of Zaborski Emporium

Side View (So you can see how large this place is!!)
This place can be a dream come true (Like it is for me) or your worst nightmare!! It's an old warehouse…HUGE…3 stories high and packed to the gills with stuff!! All kinds of stuff!! I thought I had seen some of the best Junk & Salvage places around (United House Wrecking in Ct.) but you really haven't seen anything like this place. Some rows you can't even walk through and each floor is piled to the ceiling...and remember these are warehouse ceilings!!

First floor

First Floor
The first floor has lots of tools, stained glass, furniture and larger items. The second floor is rows and rows of collections that are sorted like telephones, musical instruments, crates, mason jars, old radios, taxidermy, cast iron,  on...and…on! Really nothing I could say here can describe the enormous amount of (awesome) stuff! 
Second Floor Crates

Second Floor Mason Jars

Second Floor Cast Iron
The third floor is where all the bathroom fixtures are..If you need a claw foot tub or old farmhouse sink or even an outboard motor haha…get it here!! If we ever move and purchase a house that needs restoration, I'll bet we could find everything we need here…mantles, doors, registers, light fixtures, glass, molding etc… ooh…and they also have half a floor of old office furniture..some cool vintage finds (think Herman Miller)!  Zaborski is also a great resource for prop & event stylists, wedding decor, interior decorators & designers and house restoration and flipping!

The prices are good and I'm sure somewhat negotiable. Stanley is the owner and extremely friendly. He greets you at the door and will answer any questions you have. Stan The Junk Man has it all at Zaborski Emporium!! Check it out for yourself and it's true…there is no heating in the building so wear warm clothing if it's cold out! 

Stanley (AKA Stan The Junk Man)
Here are some links for you to explore and many additional pics! Please leave a comment if you've been here or have additional spots for me to check out. Enjoy!!

Glass & China Collections

Grates & Registers

Taxidermy (There is more!)

Tubs, Sinks, Toilets


Railings & Windows


Large & Small Signage

Really Old Tubs

Stained Glass

Hallway as soon as you walk in

Rows on Second Floor


Stairwell from Second Floor


Milk Bottles



  1. I'm in Kingston and have been here several times! It's always a trip going in there. For my wedding we rented an old typewriter from Stan and had the guests type out message to us instead of using a traditional guestbook :)

    1. Great idea! So much great stuff for a wedding there. Our wedding was in Hudson and had I been there beforehand it would have been easy to gather all our "Props" :)

  2. I wish I could say my experience was as good as yours. I was there today and found that there was stuff everywhere barely being able to get through isles. Now I do love me a good junk place to go digging around, but when I do I would expect the prices to be reasonable. I felt that everything was overpriced... I was extremely disappointed!

    1. I guess for some it can be overwhelming and YES...difficult to navigate. I'm sure you could also negotiate some of the prices within reason. Like I wrote could be your heaven or hell depending on what you're looking for. Have you been to the Hidden Barn in Montgomery? or Brimfield in MA.?


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