Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dutchess Rail Trail | Hopewell Junction, NY

What a beautiful day to ride the Dutchess Rail Trail! As Spring is unfolding, we once again set out to explore another of Hudson Valley's amazing bicycle & walking trails. The Dutchess Rail Trail runs from Hopewell Junction to Poughkeepsie in 2 segments. 

Our ride started at the Hopewell Depot trailhead and it was fantastic. There are two things that I love about this trail. 1) IT'S PAVED! A nice treat from our usual gravel or dirt trails that we usually ride and 2) It's surrounded by nature…and I love that. 

I found myself stopping frequently along the way because of the abundance of interesting plant specimens in the watershed area as well as the great aquatic life bustling about in Lake Walton. I love when turtles sun themselves…just sayin!

Lake Walton Turtles
Lake Walton marsh inlet
The trail is for pedestrians, dogs and bicyclists only…no horses here but you do pass some farms. The trail is clean as a whistle and is also lined with dedicated benches…great for a picnic lunch. Many spots have the lanes marked and visitors are generally aware of the foot and bicycle traffic and know the trail etiquette! There are multiple trailheads and parking along the way for easy access. 

Once again, for tracking our exercise for the day we us a combination of our fitbit and runtastic mountainbike apps. The app is great for keeping a history of your rides as well as miles/mph, elevation etc… The fitbit I wear every day no matter what I'm doing. What's great about these tools is you can connect with friends or family for a little motivation and competitive spirit…keeps you on your toes.

Anyway…back to the trail…Our next ride on the Dutchess Rail Trail we will do the Poughkeepsie portion…so stay tuned for info. Get outside and take a walk with family or a ride on this beautiful Rail Trail…it does not disappoint!! Enjoy!

Some links & Pics to learn more about this beautiful Hudson Valley treat!

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