Friday, April 5, 2013

Walk The Dog | Montgomery, NY

Ok...we don't have a dog yet...!!! But if we did, we would bring him/her to Thomas Bull Memorial Park in Montgomery, NY.  What a great weekend ahead to explore this park. Besides the OFF-Leash dog run (YAY) this park is over 719 acres, the County System's largest Developed Park.
This is Skippy, my Mom's pooch.
He loves this park but he's afraid of the Horses.

Additional Amenities include: 18 Hole Golf Course, Driving Range, Banquet Facility, Pro Shop, Tennis Courts, Boat House, Ball Fields, Horse Riding Area/Stables, 5-Acre Pond, Fishing, Winter Sports Area, Picnic Shelters, Picnic Tables, Benches, Exercise Area, Arboretum, Playgrounds, Volleyball Courts, Horseshoe Pits, Hill-Hold Historic Museum, Comfort Stations and Parking.

Here are some links to explore! Enjoy your weekend.

Photo: Alicia V

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