Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hudson Valley Sangria | Recipe

Summer is creeping in and many of my friends may know that I'm somewhat of a summer Sangria connoisseur! I like to try Sangria at any establishment that serves it. I'll be trying new ones from Palaia Vineyards and The Wherehouse this year! I've enjoyed some great ones, but sadly, many places serving sangria add extra refined sugar in their recipe…eeeewwww…those are the ones that disappoint…too sweet and create sugar fuzz on your teeth! So, a few years ago I decided to just start making my own.

There are a TON of Sangria recipes out there…again, many use refined sugar! I adjusted mine over the years to taste exactly how I like it…without using "Extra" sugar. All you need is fruit, juice, wine and orange liqueur... and your good to go!

Speaking of fruit, my recipe uses mainly citrus, and a few extras. With June around the corner you can also add fresh strawberries, or most seasonal local fruits. Using fresh and/or organic local ingredients just enhances the flavor…but beware, If you add strawberries the day (or 2) before serving, your sangria will have a strong strawberry flavor (not my fav).

So…here it is…my Hudson Valley Sangria recipe. It's "Hudson Valley" because I'm using local wine and fresh orange juice from a local store and local apples. This is for RED wine sangria that is crisp, fresh and NOT overly sweet:

Hudson Valley Sangria
  • 2 Gallon pitcher
  • 1 Cup of Orange Liqueur (I used 1/2 Patron-1/2 Triple Sec) Triple Sec is slightly sweeter than Patron. You can also use Gand Marnier Brandy Liqueur…but it's pricey OUCH.
  • 4 Oranges (I use organic navel)
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Apple (any fresh crisp local apples- can be tart or sweet)
  • 1 Cup Fresh Pineapple
  • 1 Cup Red or Green Seedless Grapes
  • 1 Bottle Hudson Valley Wine- Whitecliff Table Red (or any red that's not too dry and not sweet...and not too expensive. Not going to put my favorite red in here...but also not going to use the cheapest wines...your still drinking it!)
  • 4 Cups Fresh Orange Juice (mine is from Adams Fairacre Farms)
  • SECRET WEAPON (See Below)
1) Combine orange liqueur with juice of 2 fresh oranges. STIR  2) Add fruit: slice 2 remaining oranges and lemon into 1/4" slices with skin on (you can take the skin off if you prefer...but the fruit tends to fall apart), cube apple and pineapple. I like mine somewhat chunky…but you can cut small cubes too. Add grapes if desired. STIR  3) Add entire bottle of red wine. STIR  4) Add orange juice. STIR. Refrigerate overnight. You can also serve right away, but the flavors will not be as blended..but still awesome!! 

THAT'S IT……Store Sangria overnight to be served the next day so your flavors blend. Add ice to individual glasses…and serve chilled. Serves 6-8

Now for the secret weapon: FROZEN PEACH CUBES
Add frozen peaches to glasses and/or pitcher to use as ice cubes when serving. Adding Ice WILL dilute the Sangria. You can also add frozen local strawberries or grapes when serving.

Warning: pitcher will only last a few minutes! What's great is you're always left with some fruit in the pitcher, so I use this as a compote that you can eat alone or with dessert or ice cream! YUM (Yes…if you've steeped overnight it's full of alcohol so beware!)

Enjoy and let me know if you tried and like the recipe. Do you have a favorite place that makes killer Sangria in the Hudson Valley?


  1. I am making a batch for our monthly bonfire Saturday night! this sounds luscious! can't wait to do this up...Thank You!

    1. That's great! Please let me know if you liked the recipe :)


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