Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Lightbulb Project | Newburgh, NY

UPDATE....Final Lightbulbs are complete and placed all around the City of Newburgh, NY for the Newburgh Illuminated Festival. They are all so beautiful and different. Please visit Newburgh until the 29th of June and explore for yourselves. On June 29th at 6pm is the closing reception for The Lightbulb Project across from the Ann Street Gallery on Ann Street Newburgh. Please join us and get a chance to view all 52 Lightbulbs together. Special thanks to Gerardo Castro for Curating the entire project.

Here is my final Lightbulb:

Back of Lightbulb

Front side: George Washington Rabbit Lightbulb located at The Wherehouse | Newburgh, NY

OK…here I go! I've decided to participate in Lightbulb Project, one of the many events happening during the Illuminate Newburgh Festival in June of this year. Check back for updates on my progress!!

Newburgh Illuminated is a festival celebrating the arts, heritage and music in Newburgh. It's properly named for the historical innovation by Edison as Newburgh was the 2nd American city to be electrified. Learn More Here. The festival runs from June 21-23. (Lightbulbs auctioned of on the 29th)

The lightbulb project gives local artists the chance to participate, highlight work, and raise funds for supporting the arts. Local artists paint, decorate and dress up 4' light bulb-shaped plywood and are displayed at locations throughout the city. The works of art will be auctioned off on June 29.

As I do consider myself an artist and creative, it's been years since I've painted as I make a living as a graphic artist (mostly computer generated)…but that's what I've decided to do for my lightbulb. It's a chance for me to get back to the roots of why I'm an artist and I also want to start getting involved with the Newburgh Arts culture as they are so talented!!. I've asked my mother (an amazing artist and my inspiration for this project!) to collaborate with me for a portion of my work…she is also a resident of Newburgh who is currently living in France (Read her blog here called "A Year In Josselin").

Progress....and we begin! :)

I am very excited about the project and I'll be giving updates here on the blog. Good Lord what have I done!! LOL

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