Sunday, June 2, 2013

Knox's Headquarters is BUZZING with Cicadas | Vails Gate, NY

You know they're coming…and millions are already here!! The truth is, you may not have a swarm of Cicadas in your yard or neighborhood depending on when construction finished or pesticides were used in your area, but there are certainly pockets of Cicada swarms in the Hudson Valley…and the males are buzzing!!

If you're interested in experiencing a grand swarm, head on over to General Knox's Headquarters Historical Site in Vails Gate, NY. This place is ALIVE!!! I visited the site this morning while visiting my father-in-law who lives nearby....I couldn't help myself and had to take a peek...the place was buzzing you could feel it!! I was so curious because we don't have any in our neighborhood in Newburgh...that's OK with us...we can just visit! -------UPDATE------- As of last evening I can now hear a swarm not far from our home...on the street behind our house. We could still be getting them YIKES! They don't bother me...they will bother your trees and plants so be proactive!

Mature Adult Magicicada Periodical Cicada 

These insect are truly amazing…a little creepy…but the lifecycle is very interesting and this year we are meeting the 17 year Magicicada periodical cicadas.

Below are a few pics I took and some links to learn where you might find a swarm in your neighborhood…if you dare!! Act quickly though…once adults reach maturity they only stick around for a few weeks in the swarm. Enjoy!

Hudson Valley Love on Vimeo.

Knox's Headquarters is located at 289 Forge Hill Road
at the intersection of Forge Hill Road and Blooming Grove Turnpike
(Route 94) in Vails Gate, NY

"Soft" Adult after Shedding Nymph Skin

Nymph Skins

You may not see it here...but these shrubs
and trees have thousands of Cicadas on them!
Knox's Headquarters


  1. Still none in my area Town of Newburgh, wondering if they may still emerge?

    1. Well....what I thought was a swarm here in Newburgh where I live turned out to be the sound of a neighbors pool filter!! Haha...


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