Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Creatures of Algonquin Park | Newburgh, NY

OK....I must follow up on a previous post about walking the dog where I said we didn't have a dog....because now we do!!! ....and she loves to take long walks. Thankfully we live right down the road from Algonquin Park in the town of Newburgh. A lovely park with a running stream, holding ponds and a waterfall.

Our dog Gypsy loves the park because of all the yummy dog smells but I love the park because of all the creatures. Although Algonquin is not large, there is a good amount of mammal, aquatic and reptilian creatures hiding out. Here are some pics I captured the other day. Enjoy! (Pics of Gypsy the dog next time!)

Amenities at Algonquin park include: Ball Fields, Playground, Nature Trails, Pond Area, Fishing, Picnic Shelter, Comfort Station, Benches, Picnic Tables, Grills and Parking.

I call him "Old Man Algonquin" 
Rock wall snakes......

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