Friday, January 17, 2014

The Chef's Table with Chef Brandon Collins - SWIFT at The Roundhouse

What a fantastic evening....that started with a Budweiser!! Last night we attended the first Chef's Table hosted by Chef Brandon Collins at SWIFT.

It was amazing! I'm not going to write much here because the pics tell our story. The evening consisted of 14 amazing courses including drink pairings with each.

This is a must experience for anyone looking for a culinary adventure (and I mean have no idea what's coming next!!!). Chef Brandon Collins will be hosting a Chef's table once a month and they will each have a's a must try! I'll be going again and soon I hope! Below are some pics and a shot of the menu we were each provided to bring home.

We really had such a blast and since the Chef's Table is a community table setting we were joined by a nice gentleman who works as a tourist advocate for New York the end of the evening he must have thought our family was a little crazy :) but by then we considered him as family anyway!

I wasn't kidding..we started with a bud!

I'm not one for Gin...but this was amazing!

Amuse Bouche  Trio of Crisps
Potato with Sour Cream, Caviar & Fresh Pork Rind with Dehydrated Shaved Egg Yolk

Local Butterball Potato / Goat Butter / Sour Whey Foam

Lobster Cannelloni - Charred Vidalia Onion & Brown Butter Toasts

Chartreuse on Sugar Cube (Interesting!!)

French Chartreuse Digestif

Acadian Red Fish over shaved Fennel & Smoked Foie Gras Puree

Pheasant Ballantine with Roasted Sweet Potato and Bay Laurel to taste

Pork Belly topped with Uni, Coconut and Compressed Melon

Seared Wagyu Beef with Edamame Sauce, Popcorn Shoots and White Soy

Sprout Creek Cheese Trio - Ice Cream, Churro & Eclair

Kit Kat - Wafer, Chocolate with Hibiscus Drizzle

NY Ice Wine

Pappy Van Winkle's Bourbon Whiskey

My Fav- Crown Maple Syrup Snow with "Waffle Cream die for" 

My Fav- Crown Maple Syrup Snow with "Waffle Cream die for"

I'm missing pics of the Heirloom Carrot with Ash Plate & Nage as well as the amazing Oxtail Ragu over Black Garlic Fresh Pasta with Meyer Lemon and Anchovy

We were also served some beautiful wines including a great Pino Noir "Cherry Pie"...we were served two different vintage of this wine...both amazing. 

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